About the center for independent consulting


To improve the financial and psychological condition of independent consultants by helping them gain more control of their professional and personal lives.


  • Learning to become a successful independent consulting requires ongoing learning. A one-day workshop is not sufficient. Our mentoring programs involve one-on-one instruction, homework assignments, and ongoing advice and counsel.

  • Learning requires doing, not just listening. Our mentoring program is designed to motivate consultants to take specific, positive, proactive steps to establish and maintain their businesses.

  • One size does not fit all. Our mentoring programs are customized to fit the learning style, needs, and challenges of each consultant.

  • Goals setting is critical. We, therefore, work with consultants to set specific goals and closely monitor their progress.

  • Our services are only for those who are serious. Building a successful consulting business needs to be more than just a hobby or passing fancy. It requires total dedication and focus. We discourage people from working with us if they are unwilling to devote the time and energy required and unwilling to make a financial investment in their future.