A Message from Our Executive Director

Welcome to The Center for Independent Consulting.

We are an international membership association for professionals aspiring to become successful independent consultants.

  • Are you a restless employee yearning to start your own business?

  • Are you an unemployed professional tired of job searches and layoffs?

  • Are you just sick of working for someone else?

  • Do you want the potential to make significantly more money?

  • Do you want more control of your life and your career?

  • Are a consultant who wants to jump-start your business?

If so, the Center may be right for you.

We can help you learn how to:

  • Firmly establish your consulting business;

  • Select the right business model to maximize your profits;

  • Focus your business;

  • Effectively market your services;

  • Succeed at selling;

  • Charge and receive higher professional fees;

  • Negotiate contracts;

  • Build a business that will thrive even during challenging economic times.

All members receive a combination of individual and group experiences tailored to their specific needs.